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Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage




Judson Adamson partnered with Paul Coletti to buy a national franchise in 1990 when the former owners decided to sell their struggling company.  The pair’s motivation?  At the time, they were both working as agents in the office and didn’t want to start over at another company.  When the new partners bought the franchise, there were fewer than 10 agents including Adamson and Coletti themselves.

What had started as an effort not to change companies, turned out to be an incredible ride for Judson Adamson and Paul Coletti with the national franchisor.  The two built a solid business based on a few fundamental principles.  “We learned from our competition.  We saw what they did right and what they did wrong,” observes Adamson,“and we never got so comfortable with our business that we weren’t open to change and improvements.”  Perhaps the most important precept they continue to follow is also the most basic one: Take care of your agents first and everything else will fall into place.

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage was born November 1st, 2009 when we decided not to renew or continue our almost twenty year franchise arrangement.  Our objective in this new real estate environment is to lead the growing trend of companies and agents redirecting their marketing and advertising dollars to better serve our buyers and sellers at the local level and not on national branding campaigns for a national franchisor.